Producer Graham King Touches on the Tomb Raider Reboot

Since the “Tomb Raider” video game franchise is currently getting the reboot treatment, it’s only logical that the cinematic incarnation of Lara Croft would follow suit. Producer Graham King — who recently got together with Martin Scorsese for “Hugo” — spoke with about the project, which is being penned by “Iron Man” screenwriters Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby. His thoughts really don’t amount to anything beyond what I’ve just touched on, so don’t expect some sort of slam-bang revelation after reading the entire quote.

Regarding the “Tomb Raider” reboot:

Listen, the box office, they weren’t disasters but I find it interesting that the story that we’re telling is really the story before she became Lara Croft, so it is a character piece. It does have a lot of really great characters, but it’s a lot of action and a lot of fun, and for me, it’s something very different. I’ve not really done a movie like that before, but I really gravitated to rebooting this franchise and we’re going to give it a shot.

So, in other words, they’re going to reboot the franchise. That’s all you’re going to get at this point. Given how popular reboots are right now, it makes perfect sense. Expect a hot up-and-coming director to take an interest in the project within the next twelve months. Who knows? This could be interesting, but in all honesty, I’d rather just play the game.