Producer Puts the Kibosh on Harrison Ford and Blade Runner Sequel Rumors

Harrison Ford in Blade Runner (1982) Movie ImageYou know, it’s pretty rare that movie producers actually come out and actively deny a movie news scoop on the Internet, especially a casting rumor. As someone who actually writes about this stuff seven days a week, casting rumors are a dime a dozen. Pretty much anyone can make one up, and it’s impossible to call them on it, because it’s reported as rumor, with all the caveats involved.

But that’s precisely what Andrew Kosove, whose company Alcon Entertainment is putting the “Blade Runner” sequel with Ridley Scott, has done. The producer reacted to a previous report that had Harrison Ford being in talks to return to play replicant hunter Deckard 30 years after he originally played the role in the original movie. Kosove calls shenanigans on the report, telling Deadline:

It is absolutely patently false that there has been any discussion about Harrison Ford being in Blade Runner. To be clear, what we are trying to do with Ridley now is go through the painstaking process of trying to break the back of the story, figure out the direction we’re going to take the movie and find a writer to work on it. The casting of the movie could not be further from our minds at this moment.

Oh sure, that’s what they all say, right?

Kosove continues:

What Ridley does in Prometheus is a good template for what we’re trying to do. He created something that has some association to the original Alien, but lives on its own as a standalone movie.

So there IS a chance Ford could reprise Deckard? Kinda:

In advance of knowing what we’re going to do, I supposed you could say yes, he could. But I think it is quite unlikely.

Well, that puts an end to that, right? Maybe.

Then again, maybe they can get Roy Batty to come back instead. After all, he’s seen things you people wouldn’t believe…