Projectionist Fired over Fantastic Four 2 Negative Review

Over at Filmstew, there is an article about how a theater projectionist (real name Jessie Morrison, codename Memflix) in Memphis, Tennessee, was recently fired from his job for writing that really, really, REALLY negative review of “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” a few days ago (we reported on that here). Twentieth Century Fox apparently didn’t appreciate the bad word of mouth, and somehow tracked the kid down and called the theater chain where he worked and got him fired.

Okay, so maybe the kid shouldn’t have done it, but the real important question is: HOW THE HELL DID FOX MANAGE TO SEARCH HIM OUT???? Seriously, what kind of private investigators do these guys have working for them, and why can’t we send them to Iraq to find Osama Bin Laden?

Okay, so maybe calling yourself “Memflix” sort of gave it away (Memflix, Memphis, get it?), but still, that some nice piece of work there, Fox!

By the way, I’m not shedding tears over the kid’s firing. He’s just a kid and he’ll get another job. I can’t even tell you all the jobs I’ve been fired from…

But anyways, no one badmouths Jessica Alba’s movies. No one!