Promo and Preview Clip for Next Week’s Mid-Season Finale of The Walking Dead

Danai Gurira in The Walking Dead

Aw yeah, it’s on now, bitches.

Last we saw Rick and the gang, they were literally outside Woodbury’s gates, making plans to storm the joint in order to rescue their captive pals Glenn and Maggie. Meanwhile, inside Woodbury, wayward “good guy” member Andrea is getting really, really cozy with the slimy Governor. Goes to show you Andrea’s taste in men. First Shane, then the Governor. Now I know why Merle has been so insistent on hopping into her pants since Season 1 — hell, given more time, he would have gotten in there.

Next week’s episode, also the show’s third season mid-season finale, is titled “Made to Suffer”, and from the looks of the preview clip and promo spot, it’s all-out war: Get ready for Rick with an assault rifle blasting away; Daryl realizing his big bro is in Woodbury and having to make a tough choice; Glenn and Maggie at the wrong end of a gun; and our beloved Andrea, making yet more shitty choices. Oh, Andrea.

And oh, the prison is overrun with zombies again. Well, I guess they couldn’t just leave this part of the show alone for a while in order to focus entirely on the Woodbury fight. After all, when you have a newborn, a kid with a gun, some girls, and an old man with one leg, tossing zombies into their cell block was just too good to past up…