Promotional Artwork for the Highly-Anticipated Tom Yum Goong 2

Man, it seems like people have been talking about this one forever. Although there’s certainly a demand for a follow-up to action guru Prachya Pinkaew’s 2005 masterpiece “Tom Yum Goong” (aka “The Protector”), it’s been pretty quiet on the sequel front for a while now. Thankfully, Senh Duong over at Movies with Butter managed to see a clip from the upcoming flick at Cannes, which gives me hope that we’ll get to see it sometime this century.

What’s particularly cool about the sequel is that it pairs star Tony Jaa with his female counterpart, Jeeja Yanin (“Chocolate”, “Raging Phoenix”). The thought of seeing the two of them kicking ass together is pretty intriguing, though, at some point, I’m hoping they get a chance to fight one another. That would be legendary.

Anyway, enough fanboy gushing. Below you’ll find some artwork for “Tom Yum Goong 2”, which will be shot in 3D. Here’s hoping this thing finds its way into North American theaters. Thailand can keep the 3D if they want, though I do appreciate the offer.

Also, swing by this Facebook page and sign the petition for a worldwide release.

Via : Asian Movie Pulse