Proof That George R.R. Martin Hates You, Game of Thrones Fans

George R.R. Martin Skit

For a guy who kinda looks like a big, jolly Santa Claus sans all that snow stuff, fantasy novelist George R.R. Martin sure likes to do very bad things to good people in the most brutal ways in his books. The guy seems to take great joy out of doing the unexpected, like suddenly killing off favorite characters and chopping off hands (okay, no one really shed any tears over that one). Sometimes he does it in the most brutal fashion (say, like last week’s “Game of Thrones” episode, which shocked lots of fans who never read the books). Plus, he likes food. In real life and in his books. There are whole chapters where he just goes on and on and on about food. Sheesh.

Five books into his “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, you can count on one hand the number of times the “good guys” have triumphed, but you’d need your roommate’s help to count the number of times the “bad guys” have emerged victorious — usually at the cost of the good guys lying on the ground with his/her entrails in their hands. Brutal stuff.

So what does Martin think of all your complaints about last week’s Red Wedding-themed episode? You know, the one where lots of people died in very brutal fashion? Find out for yourself below: