Prosecutors want Snipes in Prison Immediately

Poor, poor Wesley Snipes. He’s having a rough a go of it lately. After the “Blade” movies his star faded quickly and fell far (though some of his direct to video work holds up, and “Brooklyn’s Finest” did have a theatrical release). Last week a Florida court up upheld the 2008 ruling that three years in prison is a completely reasonable sentence for $12,000,000 worth of tax evasion. I imagine that was a bit of a bummer.

But it gets even worse. Now TMZ is reporting that the federal government is tired of all this pussyfooting around and wants the star of “Passenger 57” and “Demolition Man” in jail, right now. Prosecutors want the judge to “immediately revoke Wesley Trent Snipes’s bail and order him to surrender.”

That news is probably pretty hard to heard. Hopefully they’ll put him in fancy pants, rich people jail, not the prison from “Oz”. But regardless, I’m willing to bet that Snipes could use a hug.