Psych Renewed For Fifth Season

Psych_2Popular crime comedy show “Psych”, which stars James Roday as Shawn Spencer, an incredibly observant detective who passes off as a psychic, has officially been renewed for a fifth season by the USA Network.

The show, which launched in the summer of 2006, immediately became popular and has remained as such ever since. The show is currently half way through its fourth season, but new episodes aren’t currently airing. This break will be ending on January 29, when the remaining episodes of the season will begin airing.

Because “Monk” is ending on December 4, Psych will face a challenge when new episodes begin airing in January. It will be the first time the show won’t have Monk to lead it in, so we will have to wait to see how the show fares. No matter the ratings, you can still expect a new season which is slated to have 16 episodes and launch this summer.


Via Hollywood Reporter.