Punisher 2 Cast Breakdowns

I’m still not sure about tagging the “Welcome Back Frank” title to the “Punisher 2” main title. It won’t make sense to a lot of people, and while its comic book background is geektastic for the comic readers, let’s face it, most of the people who goes to see the sequel won’t have ever read the comics. But hey, if you’re familiar with Garth Ennis, then you’ll get a kick out of the “Welcome Back Frank” title. Anyways, Moviehole has landed the cast breakdowns for the upcoming sequel. The most important casting, of course, is Jigsaw. If they get that one right…

Here’s what the casting directors are looking for:

Billy Russo / Jigsaw: 30s, tragically vain and quick to anger. Billy is a pretty-boy mobster known as “Billy The Beaut.” Billy is his own worst enemy when it comes to career advancement — so he’s got a little something going on the side. When The Punisher interrupts his operation, Billy winds up horribly mutilated. Now known as Jigsaw, he conspires with his even-crazier brother to end The Punisher’s reign of rough justice. Lead;

Luke MacDonald: Late 20s-Early 30s. Luke is a steely-eyed FBI agent, built like a cruiserweight. A man with the stern, hard-headed demeanor of a young Frank Castle, he makes it his life’s work to bring The Punisher to justice. Lead;

Detective Martin Soap: Early 30s, Soap is a local police detective in Long Island, and like Luke, he has made it his mission to catch The Punisher – only Martin is hopelessly inept, easily distracted, an apparent dim bulb who can be lured away by a jelly doughnut. Totally immune to insults that might lead him to adjust his clunky behavior, Soap fumbles his way through every aspect of his investigations – but in fact, he’s not dumb at all, he’s just following an agenda all his own. Lead;

LBJ: Mid-Late 30s, the brother of Billy Russo, known as Loony Bin Jim, he is a man of average size, first seen wrapped in a strait jacket; wiry, almost reptilian, he doesn’t seem big enough to cause trouble for The Punisher – but his blood chemistry is violently out of whack, so flooded with adrenaline and testosterone that he’s got to create his own private killing field just to let off steam. Volatile, unstable, and usually just plain crazy, LBJ is a homicidal maniac who joins forces with his mutilated brother, and together the two men have themselves a party. Lead;

Angela Donatelli: Early-Mid 30s. Angela is the mother of 5 year old Grace, and she’s the wife of undercover FBI agent Nicky Donatelli. Lead; Microchip: Late 30s-Early 40s. An overweight man wearing glasses, Microchip is Frank’s armorer, one of the few people who knows Frank’s secret identity as The Punisher. Far too unathletic to go into combat himself, and the sole caretaker for his mom, who is crippled by Alzheimer’s and needs constant care, Microchip uses his array of Internet connections to assemble The Punisher’s stockpile of illicit weapons. Lead;

Nicky Donatelli: Early-Mid 30s. Nicky is Billy Russo’s right hand man – he’s considerably brighter but less ruthless than the rest of the soldati in the crime family. Castle regards him as just another underworld killer but in fact, Nicky is an undercover FBI agent.

Anyone willing to go Method and slice up their face for the role of Jigsaw? Anyone? Anyone?

Punisher 2 Cast Breakdowns