Punisher 2 Gets A Title Change — Punisher: War Zone!!

Well, I can’t say as if I’m surprised to hear this (if it turns out to be true, that is), but the powers that be have decided to change the title of the Punisher sequel from the Garth Ennis-inspired “Welcome Back Frank” to “War Zone”. So the full title will now be, “Punisher: War Zone”. At least, according to ComingSoon, so if this turns out to be wrong, you know who to blame. Ahem. Comic book readers will know that “War Zone” is actually a Punisher comic book title, the Punisher having spun off a series of comic titles during its heyday, including “War Journal”, “War Zone”, and “Armory”. There might have been more, but that’s all I can recall at the moment.

In the sequel, to star Ray Stevenson and directed by Lexi Alexander, the Punisher leaves behind the sunny sunshine of Miami and heads to New York to do some mob busting. He encounters the villainous Jigsaw, a disfigured hood, and runs up against various G-men in the process.

Basically, a whole lot of people end up dead and stuff.

Punisher 2 Gets A Title Change "” Punisher: War Zone!!