Punisher 2 Set for October Start Date

So here’s what we know about the “Punisher 2” movie so far, and all have been confirmed or close enough for Variety to list them as facts: Directing will be Lexi Alexander, replacing the popular choice John Dahl, who apparently didn’t think he was up to the task, or the task wasn’t up to him, either way, he’s out, Lexi is in; starring as Frank Castle, aka The Punisher will be Ray Stevenson, most known for his role in the HBO series “Rome”, a show I have never seen, but most online sites seem jazzed about. I’ll take their word for it. And the latest news, Lionsgate has set an October start date for the sequel.

So that is where the Punisher sequel stands now. Things look settled and ready to go, which is good news to Punisher fans, but not really good news if you were preferring John Dahl (as I did) and Thomas Jane (as I kinda did).

To me, who grew up with the Punisher, and who has quite possibly EVERY SINGLE ISSUE of the comics from the ’80s and ’90s, the Punisher franchise can’t go anywhere but up. 2004’s “Punisher” was just a terrible movie, filled with bad decisions on the part of the writer/director.

Will the director of “Hooligans” do a better job? Hell, why not, she can’t possibly do any worst.

How about Stevenson in the role? Can he top Jane? I still think Jane would have been a perfect Punisher under a better director and working with a better script. But we’ll just have to see how Stevenson does when the film lands in 2008…

Punisher 2 Update