Punisher 2 Update: John Dahl Speaks!

In an interview with Aint-it-Cool-News, John Dahl finally talked about “Punisher 2”, and his involvement (or lack thereof), and why he won’t be helming the film. Dahl’s biggest contention seems to be that he would rather do a Punisher movie with “a vindictive, kick-ass guy that just shoots people and has no remorse”, but that the studios wanted something more serious. Dahl also mentions that the studio didn’t want to spend a lot of money on the sequel, which bodes poorly for whoever steps in behind the camera (which in this case seems to be Lexi Alexander).

Here’s Dahl’s complete interview regarding “Punisher 2”:

C: In case we run out of time here, I want to make sure I ask this question. Your name has been mentioned in connection with PUNISHER 2. Is there any truth or reality to that?

JD: You know, I met with them and talked to them about it. I kind of liked the idea of doing a vindictive, kick-ass guy that just shoots people and has no remorse. And the comics have a great sense of humor, but I guess ultimately at the last minute, I just thought it was too serious. If they could get the same kind of humor that’s in HELLBOY, that sort of sardonic, throw three guys in a dumpster and set it on fire and walk away with them screaming and kicking. To me, it could have been hilarious, but I guess ultimately it was too much baggage.

C: When your name came up the reaction was pretty favorable.

JD: But coming into it with PUNISHER 2, and I wasn’t sure if Thomas Jane was or wasn’t going to do it. And if not, who do you cast? And they don’t want to spend too much money. I don’t know, I just felt like I was digging myself in a hole. I’d love to take an action movie and put a really black sense of humor to it, but that’s hard to do.

C: Yeah, but you should still try and do it.

JD: It would really be fun if you could just literally waste people, like Bang Bang like you’re killing flies.

So there you go. It’s a no-go for Dahl and the Punisher. Oh well.

John Dahl is currently in theaters with the black comedy “You Kill Me”.

Read the rest of the interview here.