Put On Your Clown Shoes, Kiddies — Killjoy 3 is On the Way!

Although I am, at times, overly critical of the horror genre, one of my favorite “scary” movies is Craig Ross Jr.’s 2000 impossibly enjoyable slasher “Killjoy”. Simply put, it’s the “Ice Cream Man” of killer clown movies. It’s one of those films that you’re afraid to admit that you like around people who has discerning taste in cinema, particularly those who think they’re above watching a cheesy horror flick. And while it might sound arrogant to say as much, you have to see the damned thing for yourself to really understand what I’m rambling about. However, if you’re curious to see what all the fuss is about, check out the trailer for the Charles Band-produced “Killjoy 3”, which looks to be the snazziest installment in the franchise thus far. Full Moo will release the sequel on digital video discs across the United States on December 14th. Your Christmas shopping just got a little easier.

The aforementioned clip is waiting patiently for your attention.