Q. Gets Downgraded Into a Bespeckled Nerd in Skyfall

Apparently the new Q. in “Skyfall”, the latest James Bond flick by Sam Mendes, is younger and “hipper”. Or at least, younger and nerdier than we’ve previously known him. (I don’t know about the hipper part. I’m just guessin’, is all.) I wonder if he’ll also still be a sarcastic grouch, too?

In any case, the good folks at Broccoli Nation have released your first official look at young Mister Ben Whishaw as Bond’s new gadget master, Q. Whishaw becomes the fourth actor to play the character, following in the footsteps of Peter Burton, John Cleese, and of course, the longest-running Q. of them all, Desmond Llewelyn.

The 23rd Bond film, “Skyfall” finds Bond and MI6 battling bad guys targeting M (Judi Dench). It gets hairy and violent, but fortunately Bond still has his martini to calm his nerves. (What, he doesn’t?)

The sky falls November 9, 2012.

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Ben Whishaw and Daniel Craig in Skyfall (2012) Movie Image