Quantum of Bonds: Daniel Craig vs. Pierce Brosnan

Daniel Craig versus Pierce Brosnan: who is the better Bond? Well if you’re every movie critic out there, you think it’s Daniel Craig. Why? Because Craig is the latest one, and movie critics, like the rest of humanity, have a short attention span, so we of course always give the new guy the advantage. In a few years and a few Bond films later, when someone else replaces Craig, we’ll be calling that new guy the best Bond over Craig. And so the cycle of Bonds continue. Or is that the Quantum of Bonds? Here’s a clever little mash-up video featuring Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. I don’t know who did the voice work for Brosnan, but it’s pretty bang on. The added in sound effects are a blast, too.

“Quantum of Bonds”, (not)coming soon to a theater near you.