Quantum of Solace Confuses Paul Haggis

This is funny. Paul Haggis (“Crash”), the writer of the previous Bond movie, and also the writer of the latest, “Quantum of Solace”, was recently asked what the title meant, and replied, “I have no idea”. Star Daniel Craig insists that the title “ties into the plot” of the movie, but if the writer of said movie has no idea, who is telling the truth here?


“I have no idea,” Paul Haggis admitted when I asked him for the meaning on the Oscar red carpet Sunday. “It’s not my title.”

Following his stellar work on “Casino Royale,” Haggis passed in his second and final draft of the then-untitled 22nd Bond script just hours before the Writers Strike began. Casting, filming, and an official title have all made major headlines in the months since, all while the high-profile “Crash” writer/director has moved on to other projects.

Sometimes, a star’s lack of words says everything you need to know. So, believe me when I say that Haggis was less-than-enthusiastic about the three-word title that has been attached to his script. When I asked what he thought of it, he just sighed and said: “No comment.”

Heh. I just thought this was a funny story. But I’m sure they’ll manage to squeeze the phrase “quantum of solace” into the movie somehow, probably as a throwaway line or prop to justify the title.

Not sure if you’ll like Bond 22? Um, this girl (below) will be in it. And if “Hitman” is any indication, she really hates wearing clothes.

Quantum of Solace Confuses Paul Haggis