Quantum of Solace Ignites Gang War in Panama City

Personally, I blame it on the title of the latest Bond movie, but maybe that’s just me. A very, very strange (but apparently also very true) story has surfaced from the streets of Panama City, where “Quantum of Solace” is currently shooting. Apparently the film’s presence has ignited a gang war between rival mobsters fighting for “control of protection rackets” surrounding the film. I kid you not. Read on.


A source on the film’s set said: “It’s a war zone out there. There are literally hundreds of masked people taking to the streets.

“We’re having to film between protests and riots. It’s so dangerous.

“Quite a few of the crew are considering clearing out because they fear for their lives. It’s chaotic.”

Trouble struck the moment movie-makers arrived in the country. Criminals started stealing valuable equipment from the set.

Producers allegedly tried to call on one of the gangs for “help and protection”, but that enraged rival gangs – and now they have declared all-out war.

The violence got even worse when police were given a Licence to Kill anyone who tried to infiltrate the set or its crew.

Officers then shot dead “union member” Al Iromi Emoir Smith Renterìa on Tuesday, sparking even more rioting and angry demonstrations on the streets of the city. Our set source added: “The police warned the city’s gangs to stay away from the film set while crew were making the movie.

They’ve been given permission to shoot on sight anyone thought to be trying to harm the crew. But now they’ve killed that young man, the people are fighting back.”

Man, you can’t make this stuff up.

Quantum of Solace Ignites Gang War in Panama City