Quantum of Solace to Arrive One Week Later

The moving of Harry Potter and that Half-Blood dude’s release date from 2008 to 2009 sure has gotten a lot of studio people scurrying to take advantage of the now wide-open November 2008 box office. Angst-filled teen vampire flick “Vampire” has already moved in for the kill with a 3-week earlier start date, and now James Bond plans to do the same, only in reverse. Columbia Pictures and MGM have announced that “Quantum of Solace” will now arrive in theaters a week later than expected, and will be landing November 14, 2008 instead of the originally planned November 7.

The UK, though, will still get Bond’s quest for vengeance much earlier. The move is an American one only, to take advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday. Because after all, what says Thanksgiving better than a promiscuous alcoholic superspy with a death wish?

In the latest Bond film, Bond kills people with a machinegun and has sex with hot women. You know, the usual.

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