Quarantine 2 Gets a Writer/Director, New Location

Like the Spanish original, the American remake of “REC”, since retitled “Quarantine”, is getting a sequel, but unlike the Spanish sequel, the American version will be going direct to DVD. STYD reports that a writer/director has been found to continue the “Quarntine” story, which will take the action out of the apartment of the original and move to an airport setting. (In the Spanish sequel, the action immediately continued after the events of the first film, and was once again set in the same building location.) Writer/director John Pogue (“Ghost Ship”, “The Skulls”) will be taking over the franchise for Screen Gems.

Co-written and co-directed by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza, the Spanish “REC” has become a profitable horror franchise overseas. 2008’s “Quarantine”, which starred “Dexter’s” Jennifer Carpenter (below) as the doomed female reporter/lead, made $41 million worldwide from a $12 million dollar budget. It wasn’t a big hit, but was a moderate hit, thus the film’s direct-to-DVD sequel status.

Man, I hate these infected zombie on the street interview segments.