Queen Gorgo Will Menace Karl Urban in Dredd Reboot

Interesting that they haven’t even cast the female villain in the 2000 AD reboot of “Judge Dredd” (currently just going by the title “Dredd” at the moment) until last week. According to Judge Dredd Movie News (via Bleeding Cool), former “Sarah Connor Chronicles” and “300” star Lena Headey has landed the lead villain in the sci-fi film from screenwriter Alex Garland, which will find Karl Urban slipping on the helmet and dispensing justice in the futuristic cesspool of Mega City One.

Headey, who has already begun work on the film, will play Madeline Madrigal, aka Ma-Ma, who according to previous script reviews, is the kingpin of a crime gang that uses a tenement building as their base of operations. Ma-Ma sells drugs that can slow down time that is all the rage in the future. Dredd and rookie psychic Judge Cassandra (Olivia Thirlby) ends up in Ma-Ma’s building, where they find themselves trapped for much of the film and has to fight their way out.

The character of Ma-Ma is described as being in her “late fifties or early sixties with a big scar through her cheek and lip”. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the first part will get ditched, though I suppose they could keep the scar. Hell, a scar on Lena Headey would just make her twice as sexy. Example: below pic.

Pete Travis is directing.

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