Quentin Tarantino’s XX: 8-Film Collection Blu-ray Trailer

Tarantino XX Blu-ray Collection

Love’em or hate’em, you can’t deny that former movie store clerk turned Hollywood wunderkind Quentin Tarantino changed the way people made movies for years after his “Pulp Fiction” opened out of nowhere and turned him into a mega star. How many “Pulp Fiction” clones came about as a result? Too numerous to mention. Thankfully, that nonsense has petered out.

Since giving us “Fiction”, Tarantino has continued producing some doozies and some snoozies, and now he’s gathered up 8 of his films in a Blu-ray collection for only the most hardcore QT fans. Well, that goes without saying, right? Check out the trailer for the “Tarantino XX: 8: Film Collection”, due out on November 20, 2012 from Lionsgate.

Included in the collection are “Pulp Fiction”, “Jackie Brown”, “Reservoir Dogs”, “Kill Bill: Volume 1” and “2”, “Inglourious Basterds”, “True Romance”, and “Death Proof”. Tarantino didn’t direct “True Romance”, by the by (that was Tony Scott, Tarantino only wrote it), and isn’t counting the “Kill Bill” titles as two movies kind of cheating? Anyways…