Quick Bits: Edison Chen is Back in Movies, Liam Neeson in Three Days


For some reason Edison Chen (pictured, left) has been blackballed from Hong Kong cinema, where he’s made his living for the last decade or two. The reason? He slept with some actresses. And we’re not talking about Edison Chen going all Roman Polanski on them here. He didn’t drug them, get them drunk, and then anally raped them before fleeing the country. Nope. All Edison Chen did was “hook up”, as the kids say, which means it was entirely consensual. But apparently adults having relationships and then snapping pictures of it was enough to get Edison Chen banned from Hong Kong cinema. This, mind you, from the same industry that has produced blockbuster franchises “Sex and Zen” and “Sex and Chopsticks”. Go figure.

But have no fear, Edison Chen fans, because just like a cat with nine lives, the Chenster has landed on his feet, and will be returning to cinemas sometime soon in the English-language romantic comedy “Almost Perfect”. The film will star Kelly Hu as a decidedly not ass-kicking single Asian woman. Instead of kicking ass, Hu will be juggling life, love, and other headaches of modernity. Bertha Bay-Sa Pan, who directed 2002’s Asian-themed drama “Face”, will direct the film.

Meanwhile, in boring non-sex scandal movie news, the “A-Team’s” Hannibal will be doing what amounts to a guest spot in the Russell Crowe thriller “The Next Three Days”. Liam Neeson will be taking time out from making sure his plans come together to play an ex-convict who gives advice to Crowe’s character, a Professor plotting the prison break-out of his wife (Elizabeth Banks), who has been arrested for a crime she says she didn’t commit.

Paul Haggis is directing the thriller, based on a French movie from a few years ago.

Sure, this is more of a Liam Neeson article than an Elizabeth Banks one, but are you seriously complaining?

Sure, this is more of a Liam Neeson article than an Elizabeth Banks one, but are you seriously complaining?

Author: Nix

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  • Abcdvo

    Actually, he wasn’t banned from the cinema. It was self-exile from the industry, similar to Kanye’s after the Taylor Swift incident. In some cases, the actor/artist will “take time off/go to rehab/self-reflect” and others, like Mel Gibson, will simply not address it.

  • Chuckmakjunkmail

    Edison Chen’s story is not as simply as the author here makes it out to be. When you mess around with married women and daughters of gang bosses then have sexually explicit pics spread over the internet you are not going to feel safe in HKG.