Quick Hits: Jessica Biel Gets Nailed, New National Treasure 2 Trailer, First Lost Boys 2 Pic

Here’s what is happening around the Interweb: The boys over at ShockTilYouDrop has a scan of your first look at Corey Feldman in the upcoming horror sequel “The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe”, and it’s Corey-tacular. Which means it’s “eh” with an indifferent shrug thrown in for good measure. In other news, Jessica Biel is currently attached to star in a political satire/comedy called “Nailed”, in which she’ll play a meek Midwestern girl who gets shot in the head with a nail gun (no, seriously) and becomes sexually uninhibited as a result. Since she doesn’t like needing to have sex with guys every other minute, Biel’s character demands free health care, and goes to Jake Gyllenhaal’s politician character for help. He’s more than happy to oblige — by helping her get her health care and and assisting her with her other, ahem, “problems”. But don’t get excited, boys, it’s a comedy.

Corey and the vampires (via):

Corey Feldman The Lost Boys 2 The Tribe

And here’s the latest “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” trailer: