Quick Hits: Long Ranger, Shiver, Losers, and 127 Hours

Oh, you kids and your love affair with all things hairy and teenage-y. The big-screen adaptation of novelist Maggie Stiefvate’s ill-fated tale of teenage love, “Shiver” moves forward with the announcement that a screenwriter has been assigned to take a crack at adapting the book to screen. Nick Pustay (whose past credits include the family comedy “Ramona and Beezus”) will get the gig for producers Michael Lynne and Bob Shaye.

“Shiver” centers on a bittersweet romance between a teen girl and a boy who becomes a wolf each winter. “Shiver” is the first installment in the young adult series, with the second, “Linger” due out in August.


Also in the Writers Roundtable, uber producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s take on “The Lone Ranger” shows the first signs of life since Johnny Depp was attached to the project as Tonto all those many years ago. (Okay, so it wasn’t that long ago, but it sure feels like it.) For the action-adventure Western tale, the studio has brought onboard writer Justin Haythe, who last adapted the Sam Mendes drama “Revolutionary Road”.

Yeah, not exactly a “match made in Heaven”, unless they’re going the serious route with “Ranger”, which seems unlikely given that they’ve already cast Depp as, of all people, Tonto.


Meanwhile, Warner Bros. has decided to move “The Losers” from its originally planned April 9th release date to June 4th, which would put the film into theaters one week before Fox’s “A-Team”. It was probably fated that the two films would do battle at the theaters at about the same time. “The Losers” is, after all, basically “The A-Team” minus the black guy with a bad personality, though from the trailers (below), it apparently has two black guys to make up for it.


Over at Casting Central, the delightfully redheaded Kate Mara has joined the cast of Danny Boyle’s true-life survival tale “127 Hours” opposite James Franco and Amber Tamblyn. The film tells the true story of a mountain climber who finds himself trapped under a boulder in Utah and his desperate efforts to escape. Mara and Tamblyn play two hikers he meets on the trail earlier in the movie.

The very busy Mara already has “Iron Man 2” and “Ironclad” in the pipeline.

Kate Mara.