Quick SDCC News: Die Hard 5, Joss Whedon on Avengers, Predators 2

Three quick bit of movie news came out of Comic Con 2010 yesterday, with the biggest (though not very surprising) news being that Joss Whedon has confirmed he will indeed direct “The Avengers” for Marvel. I think the Internet has already known and accepted this for a while now, and neither Marvel nor Whedon has ever come out to deny it, so not really big news there, but it’s nevertheless nice to get the confirmation.

On more unexpected news front is Bruce Willis saying that an official announcement on “Die Hard 5” is imminent. Ol Bruce was at Comic Con to promote “Red” (see the second trailer for it here if you missed it), and looks pretty beaten up by the experience. Grab some Red Bull, Bruce, and avoid the kids with the costumes, it worked for me.

On the Robert Rodriguez front, the Austin-based filmmaker confirms that the studio is very close to greenlighting a “Predators” sequel. He doesn’t expect to direct this one as well, but does expect to continue being actively involve in the story’s development. “Predators” started off decently, made some money, but has petered off rapidly at the box office.