Quick Teaser Trailer for Johnnie To’s Drug War

Louis Koo in Drug War (2012) Movie ImageMy last Johnnie To movie was 2009’s “Vengeance”, which was good, but not great. And when a Johnnie To movie isn’t great, I’m always left feeling a little disappointed. It’s his fault, he’s done so many great films, I automatically expect good stuff when I sit down with a Johnnie To movie. He’s done plenty since then, including romance dramas “Romancing in Thin Air” and “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”, with crime flick “Life Without Principle” squeezed in between them.

His latest is “Drug War”, starring Louis Koo as some type of loopy drug lord who gets captured after a car accident. Or something like that. An official synopsis for the film is apparently a little hard to find, even though the movie itself already has a teaser trailer (see below) and is due out sometime later this year. But in case you missed it, Todd posted some images from the film here.

The crime thriller also stars Honglei Sun, Yi Huang, Michelle Ye, Suet Lam, and Wallace Chung.

Via : WildGrounds