Quickie 2nd Clip from Marvel’s Item 47

Lizzy Caplan in Marvel One-Shot: Item 47 (2012) Movie Image

Watch, er, 8 more seconds from the Marvel one-shot short film “Item 47”.

(I get it, it’s a short film, so they can’t be putting out minute-long clips like the first one, but come on, eight seconds???)

Anyways, here’s your first look at SHIELD agents played by Maximiliano Hernández and Titus Welliver, the boys responsible for picking up the slack now that ubiquitous SHIELD agent Coulson is no longer, er, available. The plot of the one-shot has SHIELD following up on a missing item, which is now in possession of a pair of New Yorkers played by Jesse Bradford and Lizzy Caplan.

The entire short film will be available on “The Avengers” DVD/Blu-ray release. Oh, who are we kidding. It’ll be available online well before that.

Here’s the previous clip featuring Bradford and Caplan: