Watchmen Official Site, Stephen Chow’s A Hope Becomes CJ7, New Images from Bond 22 and I am Legend

Watchmen: Warner Bros. has finally gotten off their duff and launched the official website for Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen” movie. But don’t get too excited. There’s nothing there at the moment but the Comedian’s signature yellow smiley button with a splash of blood across it, and the date 03.06.09, which I guess means we need to update our listing for “Watchmen” from 2008 to 2009. What, it’s going to take them a full year to make this thing? Why so long? Anyhoo. The official site is here. Also, there’s an interview with Tyler Bates, who will be composing the “Watchmen” movie here.


Stephen Chow: Hong Kong mega star Stephen Chow’s latest CGI-fest movie, “A Hope” seems to have gotten a new title. It’s no longer “A Hope” or “Long River 7”, but will now be called “CJ7” instead, according to someone at Sony, who is fronting most of the money for the movie, which Chow wrote, direct, and stars in. In the film, Chow plays a poor Chinese laborer who learns important life lessons when his son gets a strange new toy. The “toy”, from what I’ve read, ends up being some alien object that gets to do groovy CGI stuff.


I am Legend: Dagen sent me a new image from the upcoming Will Smith movie “I am Legend”. It’s basically Will, as Neville, staring out a hole in his very well sealed super metal door. Looking out for zombies, we presume. Or not. I’m really jazzed up for this one, and I will be very disappointed if it doesn’t turn out good. Here’s the thing: I’m willing to allow them to change the ending of the original book. PLEASE change the ending. I hate it when my post-apocalyptic/vampire movie ends badly.



James Bond 22: When you’re a fan of the James Bond movies, any image from the set will do, even if it’s just one with Daniel Craig looking pensively off into the distance. I mean, geez, he doesn’t even have a gun or anything. Anyways, the scene was apparently shot in Siena, Italy, on a balcony window overlooking the “Madonna dell’Assunta Palio di Siena” traditional horse race. Whatever that means. Bond 22 still doesn’t have a title, or apparently any Bond girls from all the rumors swirling about that particular topic.

Daniel Craig in James Bond 22