Quickie Movie News for August 2, 2007

“The Kingdom”: A third trailer has been added to Apple’s Quicktime movie trailers page for Peter Berg’s Middle East political actioner. I haven’t seen it, because I really want to save up the surprise for the actual movie. Berg + Foxx + Garner = Good stuff. Berg + Guns + Garner Holding Machineguns = Damn I gotta see this. Head over to Apple here for the trailer in glorious Quicktime. “The Kingdom” opens September 28th.

“Rush Hour 3”: The Chinese Government has just cost Jackie Chan millions of dollars by banning the film from the country. Their explanation: “‘Rush Hour 3’ will not be shown in China. We think it will not be popular in China,” Xiao Ping, a VP at China Film Group’s import and export arm, said Thursday. Geez, couldn’t they at least TRY to come up with a better lie? The biggest loser is Jackie Chan and his millions of fans in China, but mostly Jackie Chan, whose deal to come back for a third “Rush Hour” movie involved a lot of backend deals involving Asian distribution. Without the Mainland Chinese market, Chan is out millions of dollars that he had bargained hard for. Oops.

Red Band Trailers: Speaking of Red Band trailers, here are some good ones available at YouTube:

Wrong Turn 2

Resident Evil 3: Extinction

30 Days of Night