Quickie Movie News for July 12, 2007

“Speed Racer”: Racer X gets a girlfriend, and her name is Nayo Wallace, who will play Matthew Fox’s cinematic girlfriend Minx. Does it matter to the movie’s plot? Probably not.

“Smallville” TV Series: Clark Kent’s Kryptonian cousin Supergirl will be played by Canadian blondie Laura Vandervoort. I still want to know when Clark will leave that frakkin’ farm already. Seriously, how long is this guy gonna stay there?

“Sunshine”: Danny Boyle’s oft-delayed sci-fi actioner gets some DVD specs.

Bai Ling: Remember when Chinese actress Bai Ling used to be respectable actress? Those days are long gone, baby.

“Doomsday”: A new pic (although I think I’ve seen it before; have I even blogged about it already?) from Neil Marshall’s “Doomsday” arrives via. Click on the thumbnail below to see it:

Neil Marshall