Quickie Movie News for July 23, 2007

“Mother of Tears”: What is “Mother of Tears”, and why does the poster for it look so cool? And while you’re at it, check out the teaser trailer for it here.

“Cloverfield / 1-18-08”: The “Cloverfield” beat continues, this time with some behind the scenes stuff, including what is being called a videocam shot of actual shooting for the movie. See that here.

“The Invasion”: More images from Nicole Kidman’s “The Invasion”.

Star Trek 11: Matt Damon says he’s way too old for the movie. Sucks being 36.

“Heroes”: Tim Kring talks more about the upcoming Season 2. Possible spoilers? Possibly.

“Pulse 2” and “Pulse 3”: Because you demanded it. What, you demanded two completely unnecessary sequels to a Hollywood remake of an Asian horror movie that barely anyone saw, didn’t you? I get the feeling Kristen Bell ain’t coming back.

“Lost Boys 2”: Corey Feldman is game for a sequel, even without that other Corey guy.

Lost Boys 2