Quickie Movie News for July 26, 2007

Star Trek 11 Movie PosterStar Trek 11: J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek 11” gets a teaser poster (click on the left thumb for a bigger picture). Basically the words “Star Trek” against a starfield background and the “stardate” 12-25-08, which I’m assuming means the movie is expected December 25th, 2008. Unless stardate means something different in Star Trek land. And oh yeah, it’s confirmed that Zachary Quinto IS Young Spock, while Leonard Nimoy WILL be back to play Old Spock.

“Sukiyaki Western Django”: Takashi Miike’s Japanese spaghetti Western will have its world premiere in competition at the Venice Film Festival. Says Variety: Shot in English, Miike’s eclectic film is centered on two gangs struggling over control of a 19th century Japanese frontier town. Movie is inspired by “Django,” the 1965 spaghetti Western helmed by Sergio Corbucci, which is unspooling in the retro.

Japanese People: According to 1,000 Japanese people polled, the “Ringu” series won out, with the “One Missed Call” series coming in second, and the “Ju-on: The Grudge” series topping off the top 3. The rest of the top ten were as follows: “Dark Water,” the “Scary True Stories” series, the “Gakkou no Kaidan” series, “Infection” (“Kansen”), “Shikoku,” the Junji Inagawa series, and “The Black House” (“Kuroi Ie”).

“Sin City 2”: It looks like “Sin City 2” isn’t going to get made and come to a movie theater near you very soon. Besides the fact that Robert Rodriguez has “Barbarella” up next and Frank Miller is busy prepping “The Spirit”, “Sin City 2” doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s immediate radar at the moment. Plus, Rosario Dawson had this to say when someone asked her about it: “I don’t know. We’re forestalling on that for a moment. Robert is doing ‘Barbarella’ first.” Yup. 2009, I’m guessing.

Brittany Murphy as Shellie in Sin City