Quickie Movie News for July 27, 2007

Marion Ravenwood Returns to Indiana Jones 4“Indiana Jones 4”: The love of Indy’s life, Marion Ravenwood, is back in “Indiana Jones 4”. The news was announced at the geek-dom known as the 2007 Comic Con in San Diego over the week. Who is Marion Ravenwood? I have no idea, since I’ve only seen the Indiana Jones movies a couple of times, and they weren’t all that great. (Then again, as has been pointed out to me, my taste in movies suck.) So there you go.

“Sweeney Todd”: Johnny Depp re-teams with Tim Burton for “Sweeney Todd”, where Depp plays a barber who kills people while Helena Bonham Carter makes meat pies out of them. Or something like that. It opens this Christmas, and a poster for it has appeared via Canmag. Click on the smaller pic below for a bigger one.

Sweeney Todd Movie Poster

And finally, the day at Comic Con:

Paramount showed early footage from “Beowulf,” set for release in November, as well as this summer’s “Stardust.” Fans of the “Indiana Jones” franchise learned that Karen Allen would reprise her role as Marion Ravenwood in the film’s fourth installment. Warner Bros. planned to feature five upcoming films, including “Get Smart,” due next summer. Lionsgate had four films on the docket. The Walt Disney Co. was set to screen first-look footage of its new “Narnia” film and the latest Pixar project, “Wall-E.” New Line and Universal were also on hand, as were a slew of TV networks touting new shows.

Celebrities slated to appear included Jessica Alba, Nicolas Cage, Edward Norton, Clive Owen, Josh Hartnett, Robert Downey Jr., Dane Cook, cast members from TV’s “Lost” and “Heroes,” and Matt Groening, creator of “The Simpsons.”

Jessica Alba at Comic Con