Quickie Movie News: Art of War 2, Red State, Warner Bros. and Chick Flicks

The Art of War 2: Yup, they’re making a sequel to the 2000 Wesley Snipes actioner “The Art of War”. Wesley Snipes once again steps into the role of super agent Neil Shaw. There is some confusion if this is the same movie starring Anthony ‘Treach’ Criss, which was also originally called “Art of War 2”, but has since been re-titled “Intervention”. I don’t know, but Movie Hole mentions that Snipes is the star of the sequel, while “Intervention” lists Criss as the star, also playing a character named “Shaw”. Hmm. Trying to figure out what movie is what, or who is starring, might end up being more interesting that the movie itself.


Red State: Kevin Smith has revealed on his blog that the Weinsteins have passed on his “Red State” horror movie. So why did they pass? Apparently “Harvey [Weinstein] thought [“Red State”] was more of a Bob [Weinstein] flick and then Bob didn’t get it.” Hmm, sounds like a good enough reason to me. Then again, considering the Weinsteins’ track record, why would Smith be displeased with their lack of involvement? In any case, Smith will be doing “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” first anyway, so don’t worry your little geek heads over it, Smith fanboys, you’ll get your “Red State” sooner or later. It’ll just be later, this time.


Warner Bros. Studio: According to Deadline Hollywood, Warner Bros. chief Jeff Robinov have made an official decree that they won’t make any movies with female characters in the lead anymore. This, following underperforming movies like the Jodie Foster revenge vehicle “The Brave One” and the Nicole Kidman sci-fi thriller “The Invasion”. DH quotes one producer as saying: “Can you imagine when Gloria Allred gets hold of this? It’s going to be like World War III.” Well I don’t know about that. Business is business, right? If the customers aren’t buying movies with females in the lead, you need to stop making movies with females in the lead. Just as if the customers aren’t buying movies about kangaroos, you stop making movies about kangaroos. It’s a business first and foremost, isn’t it? Likewise with the current bombardment of anti-Iraq War/War on Terror films; as soon as Hollywood gets it through their thick skulls that the customers don’t want to see them, they’ll stop making them soon enough.

But I ask you: Who wouldn’t want to see more of Nicole Kidman and her talents?