R.I.P. Joe Kubert (1926 – 2012)

Joe Kubert

On Sunday, August 12th 2012, the comic book industry lost another legend in artist Joe Kubert. Though not as well known outside the geek community for his work, Kubert is nonetheless a pioneer in the business. With a long running career stretching almost as far back as what many refer to as the Golden Age of Comics.

Joe Kubert's Sgt. Rock Comic BookKubert is best known for his work in the late 50’s and the 60’s for DC Comics with characters including Hawkman, Tarzan, The Viking Prince and the war stories of “G.I. Combat” featuring Sgt. Rock and the Haunted Tank. In the 1960’s he and his wife Muriel moved to Dover, NJ and founded the Kubert School of Art, while raising their five children. Though he slowed on his art duties for comics he was a fixture at the school and his work has influenced many. Notable alumni from the school include Shane Davis (Superman: Earth One, Superman/Batman), Tom Raney (X-Men, Stormwatch), Alex Maleev (Daredevil) and his own sons Adam and Andy (too much to mention for most major companies).

Kubert’s legacy lives on through his sons and the alumni of the school as well as those who are still inspired by his work through trades and collections. Though not as well known, Kubert is up there with Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in my opinion, with his amount of contributions and dedication to the industry. A Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame and Harvey Award’s Jack Kirby Hall of Fame member, Joe’s work has been recognized the world over. Recently Joe had come back to the industry drawing for a story starring his old comrade Sgt. Rock, written by son Adam and most recently was working on a collaboration with son Andy, inking his pencils for the miniseries “Before Watchmen: Night Owl.”

Joe Kubert is survived by his children David, Danny, Lisa, Adam and Andy.

R.I.P. Joe Kubert, you may not be “The Man” or “The King” but you are still a LEGEND!