R-Point Director Returns with GP 506

Korean director Su-chang Kong doesn’t like the military; either that, or he really just doesn’t like the military. Um, wait, that’s the same thing. Anyways, I came to that conclusion only because, in his movies, solders tend to get killed in very gruesome ways. Take, for example, Kong’s last military horror movie, the Vietnam-era “R-Point”. Now Kong is back again to find more fiendish ways to kill Korean soldiers in the new horror movie “GP 506”, about soldiers at the DMZ being killed by a supernatural force that — gasp — turns soldiers into zombie killers! Or something like that.

Here’s one synopsis for very confusing-sounding “GP 506” from here:

GP506. A lonely guard post (GP) is the site of a series of mysterious events that lead a group of soldiers to the conclusion that it is haunted and their lives may be in grave danger. Cheon Ho-jin (Crying Fist, Blood Rain) gets top billing in this horror/drama/thriller from Motise Film. The cast also includes Jo Hyeon-je (Untold Scandal) and Lee Yeong-hoon (No Regrets). Kong Su-chang, who had previously directed another military-based horror film entitled R-Point as well as last year’s made-for-TV horror movie Coma, will be in charge of directing this film which will be released in the summer of 2007.

Hmm, a haunted guard post. Well, at least it’s not a haunted bag of sand, right? But strangely, no mention of the zombie elements.

Here’s another one:

Strange murder case was occurred. All of squad soldiers from 506 at DMZ were killed except one soldier. Every body were cruelly crashed or cut off their neck. The only survived one is in coma and the case goes into mystery. A military investigator (Chun Ho Jin) is dispatched. And he is facing a strange virus that makes soldiers become zombie…

Okay, so obviously the second one was a babelfish translation, but you get the idea.

Soldiers. DMZ. Crushed. Zombies. Oh my.

According to this, “GP 506” is scheduled for a August bow in Korea.

Images from the movie:

R-Point Director Returns with G.P 506 R-Point Director Returns with G.P 506 R-Point Director Returns with G.P 506 R-Point Director Returns with G.P 506 R-Point Director Returns with G.P 506