Rachel McAdams as the Black Cat in Spidey 4?

Hey, I’ve heard of worst rumors than the lovely Rachel McAdams in a Spidey movie. Then again, I kinda wish they hadn’t gotten rid of Dallas Bryce Howard’s Gwen Stacy (one of the brighter light in the much-maligned “Spider-Man 3”, if you ask me), but what are you gonna do, right? Citing “reliable sources”, Mania says that McAdams (soon to be seen in “Sherlock Holmes”) has “met with producers” to play Felicia Hardy, aka The Black Cat in Sam Raimi’s continuation of the franchise.

In the comics, the curvaceous The Black Cat was a burglar named Felicia Hardy who crossed Spider-Man, ended up becoming smitten with him, eventually reforming, and now works part-time as a crimefighter. Her character was never really a big part of Spidey’s Rogues Gallery, and from the start she was always more of a Catwoman character to his Batman. The two even shacked up for a time, with Spidey revealing his secret identity to her.

Besides the potential of McAdams as the Black Cat (and potential spin-off, perhaps?), word is that the producers are also casting an additional male villain, which would give Spidey one true villain (the male) and one kinda-villain in the Black Cat. That is, if this story proves real.

Now while the idea of McAdams as the Black Cat sounds intriguing (and sure, like any warm-blooded American male I’d love to see her in that skin-tight black cat suit), I just don’t see it happening. McAdams has never struck me as a particularly physical actress, and to prepare for the role she would have to become a pretty hardcore gym rat. Like I said, it’s entirely possible (after all, Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow? Who would have thunk that), but I ain’t holding my breath.

Rachel McAdams as the Black Cat? Only in my dreams.

Rachel McAdams as the Black Cat? Only in my dreams.