Rachel Nichols and Zoe Bell Must Fight or Die

Rachel Nichols and Zoe Bell in Raze (2012) Movie Image

Officially described as “Fight Club Meets Hostel”, Josh C. Waller’s “Raze” actually looks more like one of those female prison movies usually with the words “Heat” and “Chain” in the title. The film’s big draw is former stuntwoman turned actor Zoe Bell (of “Kill Bill” and other Quentin Tarantino movies fame) and Rachel Nichols (of “Conan” and “G.I. Joe” fame) duking it out in what I can only assume is a prison-type setting.

There’s not a whole lot to this promo teaser, just Nichols trying to reason with Bell, and Bell having none of it. Then they shadowbox a bit (Nichols actually looks pretty good doing that, FYI) and scream at each other in a menacing manner.

Well, that’s why they call it a teaser, I guess.

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Via : STYD