Rachel Nichols Says Only Storm Shadow, Duke, and Snake Eyes will Return for G.I. Joe Sequel


Huh? Really? Is it April 1st? Nope, the big ol calendar on my wall says March. So what’s the deal?

Well, apparently Rachel Nichols (last heard expressing her desire to do another “Joe” movie if they’ll have her) has tweeted (via Slashfilm) that she is apparently not in the upcoming “G.I. Joe” sequel, which will be directed by Jon Chu (of “Step Up” fame).

Or maybe when she types that “the only characters to return” to the sequel would be Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and Duke, she neglected to add herself because, perhaps, it’s implied that she would return? Or not? Maybe?

No idea.

Anyways, here’s her actual tweet, make of it what you will:

Author: Nix

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    I’m okay with that as losing AAA as Heavy Duty and Marlon Wayans as Ripcord isnt the worse loss. JGL not returning behind the mask is a little sucky, and no Siena Miller as barroness kinda sucks but maybe they can get Rhona Mitra to take over and rock an accent. Arnold Vosloo as Zartan being gone also sucks as does losing Christopher Eccelston as Destro, but I think they can find a decent replacement for him. They can use Xerxes from “300” as Zartan, and Tony Curan could take over as Destro, he was a decent villain in “Underworld Evolution.”

    • Anonymous

      At least bring in Heavy Duty we need some sort of Black representation in the movie. Sorry Marlon.

      • Juggernaut

        I presume you’re reffering to Road Block but I agree. Maybe they’ll cast Common as was originally planned. I liked that idea. As far as the rest of the cast goes no real losses. Bring in Flint to replace General Hawk. Lady Jay to step in for the deceased CoverGirl to give a shot of estrogen to the JOE cast. Maybe Beach Head or gung Ho and Live Low Light or Mainframe in the place of Ripcord and Breaker respectively. Zartan being a master of disguise can be replaced by pretty much anyone. Same thing with Cobra Commander and Destro with the masks. Bring in the dreadknocks and the twins and it’s all good! The only real loss would be Sienna Miller as the Baroness. Even without the accent she still looked great as that character.

  • imrickjamesbitch

    the movie was terrible and they needed to go back the the drawing board. They should have completely changed the cast and do something more along the lines of black hawk down. I mean the people who watched the cartoon as kids are in their 20’s and 30’s now so might as well make something that caters to that audience. In my books the G.I Joe movie was one of the worst movies I saw last year (It may have been the worst, I can’t remember), even Sienna Miller admitted it was a crap fest.