Rachel Nichols Says Only Storm Shadow, Duke, and Snake Eyes will Return for G.I. Joe Sequel

Huh? Really? Is it April 1st? Nope, the big ol calendar on my wall says March. So what’s the deal?

Well, apparently Rachel Nichols (last heard expressing her desire to do another “Joe” movie if they’ll have her) has tweeted (via Slashfilm) that she is apparently not in the upcoming “G.I. Joe” sequel, which will be directed by Jon Chu (of “Step Up” fame).

Or maybe when she types that “the only characters to return” to the sequel would be Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and Duke, she neglected to add herself because, perhaps, it’s implied that she would return? Or not? Maybe?

No idea.

Anyways, here’s her actual tweet, make of it what you will: