Rachel Nichols Talks G.I. Joe Sequel, Conan Reboot

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I’m a little surprise that Rachel Nichols plans on devoting a sizable chunk of her acting time as a new regular on the CBS show “Criminal Minds” on TV, especially with a burgeoning movie career in a couple of blockbusters and another one on the way. But hey, I guess the girl is just a hard worker.

Recently, Nichols talked to The Post’s Pop Wrap about her various projects, including the “G.I. Joe” sequel and the upcoming “Conan” reboot. Nichols admits that she knows very little about the “Joe” sequel, but would definitely love to put on the tight black leather again.

I would love to. They’ve been very tight-lipped about it — I haven’t even seen a script, but I would jump to do it in a second. Making the first one was a blast.

I don’t think she has to worry about a “Joe” sequel happening, especially with Jon Chu having already been hired to helm it.

About “Conan”, and fighting co-star Rose McGowan:

Yes, she’s Marique — the bad girl to my good girl. We have a fight scene and she is after my blood. Let me tell you, her make-up is unreal. I mean, Rose is barely recognizable under all these prosthetics. It’s quite cool.

Okay, so not a whole lot of news there, but look, this is a perfect excuse to post the below picture of Rachel Nichols. You’re welcome.

Rachel Nichols in Alex Cross (2012) Movie Image

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    Hopefully they change it up in the second film and make it a love triangle with Ripcord and Snake-Eyes. Or just scrap the Ripcord angle all together and stick with the one on one with S-E. Come to think of it they could just disregard that whole awful first one completely! Lol.