Rachel Weisz as Catwoman in Batman Begins 3?

While Christopher Nolan is still dancing around the idea of returning for “Batman Begins 3” (is he? isn’t he? how much money will it take?), rumors about who the next movie’s villains will be (and who will be playing said villains) continue to abound. The latest has Rachel Weisz being Warner Bros.’ top choice to play Catwoman. At least this is the news from Ted Casablanca over at E! Online. The last time Weisz’s name was thrown around a big-time comic book property it was “Sin City 2”, and the other name in the running for said part was Angelina Jolie — who, coincidentally, is also the odds on favorite to play Catwoman in “Batman Begins 3” should Catwoman actually appear in the sequel. Catfight, anyone?

Weisz, thank heaven, according to insiders who are currently working on the Warner’s production, which hasn’t even been officially announced yet. But Weisz’s name is so early on, not even Weisz’s publicist claims to have knowledge of the casting notion. “Tell them to call her agent!” Weisz’s rep screamed. Will do, ’cause if this damn role goes to Angie (as one major returning Batman actor would like), we’re just going to scream.

If done right, Catwoman as one of the villains (or anti-hero, maybe) in the next Batman film could work. As long as Nolan doesn’t give her something idiotic like cat powers, I mean. Or make her into some vamping S&M freak with a whip. That didn’t work out so good.

And as you can see from the pic below, Rachel Weisz isn’t exactly a stranger to tight, form-fitting uniforms. Meow.