Rachel Weisz to Blow up Bond Instead of, You know, just the Other Thing?

Most pretty women in Bond movies end up in bed with Bond for the good of Her Majesty, but that’s not always the case. Sophie Marceau turned out to be a pretty evil cookie in “The World is Not Enough”, Famke Janssen broke plenty of hearts and necks in “Goldeneye”, and Rosamund Pike oozed icy badness in “Die Another day”. The latest Bond bad girl? How about Rachel Weisz?

That’s according to a CinemaBlend source, who tells them that Weisz’s name is currently being bandied about behind the scenes for the juicy role of the main villain in the currently delayed Bond 23. It won’t be any ol henchman role either, apparently, but the bad guy (or, er, gal) — the head of the Quantum organization that has been pulling the strings in the last two Daniel Craig Bond movies.

Of course, this is just a rumor, so take it for what you will. Interestingly, Weisz is currently co-starring with Daniel Craig in Jim Sheridan’s upcoming thriller “Dream House”, so maybe they’ve been talking in-between takes…

Rachel Weiz: Bond baddie?