Radha Mitchell Updates Silent Hill 2

I believe “kicking it around” is Aussie speak for, “Eh, who knows what they’ll do; maybe they’ll do it, maybe they won’t, at this rate, whatever, studio people!” I could be wrong, of course. In any case, Radha Mitchell is currently shooting her new horror movie “The Crazies”, but took time off from running away from crazy people (we presume) to update the kids on the status of “Silent Hill 2”. In a word: maybe, maybe not.

The Aussie genre fave tells STYD:

“I think they’re kicking it around, but I don’t think Christophe is attached, which is a shame, he’s a nutter but he’s so passionate about the game. I think he should do it if they do it again. I’m sure they will, but I’m not sure what incarnation it will be.”

But if they did do a sequel, Mitchell says she would love to come back, either as “a monster or some crazy creature”, in reference to her character’s status at the end of the first film. Having never actually seen the first movie, I haven’t a clue what she’s talking about, but I’m sure you Silent Hill fans do.

Below: Nothing says, “Run, now!” like mysterious fog.