Raining Ninja Assassin Pics

The boys at Warner Bros. have been sending out the latest images from their upcoming “Ninja Assassin”, including one new pic, and one better looking pic of a very bloody Rain, ninja swords in hand, post-bloody ass kicking, that surfaced last week in Entertainment Weekly. The new pic from the movie is of Naomie Harris, playing an Interpol agent in the film, in action. Well, if you consider her running around with some heavily armed dudes as “action”, which I happen to. My definition of action is very stretchable.

“Ninja Assassin” stars South Korean pop star Rain, recently in “Speed Racer”, as a ninja who breaks rank, flees, and is pursued by his handlers. Legendary martial artist Sho Kosugi plays the head of the ninja clan, and Naomie Harris plays one of the Interpol agents who gets into the mix. She better be wearing the kind of armor that can stop swords, that’s all I’m sayin’.

New pics from Warner Bros.

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Rain in Ninja Assassin

Naomie Harris in Ninja Assassin