Rain’s Ninja Training Pics for Ninja Assassin

Hey, it’s not easy being a world-famous pop singer turned Hollywood movie star. Just as Rain, who recently made his big-screen Hollywood debut in the Wachowski’ “Speed Racer” movie. Sure, the film may be headed toward those points of cinematic disasters only reserved for films with names like “Ishtar” and “Heaven’s Gate”, but it’s not like it was Rain’s fault. Rain’s latest is “Ninja Assassin”, also with the Wachowskis, and as you can see from these pics that he’s released online, Rain is ready to kick some serious ass there, boys.

About the training (because I know you guys care) from Coolsmurf (via):

For his role in “Ninja Assassin”, Rain specially hired trainers that trained the cast in “300″ to beef up his body. He went through more than 10 hours of intense training and strict diet each day just to sculpt his body as seen in the pictures.

Rain had revealed in an interview when he was back in Korea recently to promote “Speed Racer” that he was surprised with his body transformation, “I have a body that’s difficult to build up muscles actually. But just four months of intense training, I was pretty shocked at the results.”

Rain has apparently put on some muscle for the role. But I wouldn’t know anything about that. You Rain fans out there can tell me if that’s true or not.