Rapper 50 Cent Wrote a Movie Called Gun. Trailer and Poster Below.

According to his bio, rapper-turned-actor 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson) has been shot, like, fifty times or something, which makes him an expert on guns. Or at least, bullets. Since, you know, he’s had so many go through him and such, though I’m not sure how that makes him an expert on guns, but that’s why they call it acting, right? Anyways, in his new movie “Gun”, 50 Cent plays a gun dealer, Val Kilmer is the rat trying to bring him down for the po-po, and “90210’s” AnnaLynne McCord is the hot white piece of tail that’s helpless to resist 50 Cent’s wily, gun-themed charms.

And did I mention that 50 Cent also wrote the movie? Trailer for “Gun” below. To be perfectly honest with you, I’m shock this thing isn’t chock full of shitty rappers trying to act (50 Cent exempted, of course). Really, that caught me a bit off guard.

Starring Val Kilmer, 50 Cent, AnnaLynne McCord, James Remar, John Larroquette, Christa Campbell, Elise Neal, Mark Famiglietti, Paul Calderon, and directed by Jessy Terrero, who probably got the gig because he’s directed a couple of 50 Cent music videos in the past.

“Gun” doesn’t look half-bad, more like an old fashioned ’90s direct-to-DVD crime movie. And that’s where I expect to see it dropping (as the kids would say). Via.