Rashida Jones as Ant-Man’s The Wasp?

Rashida Jones in Celeste & Jesse Forever (2012) Movie Image

Word is, Edgar Wright and Marvel are currently trying to choose between a pair of actors for Wright’s “Ant-Man”, with the choices coming down to frontrunner Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd, along with an unnamed third actor.

Now comes news that Wright’s choice to play Janet Van Dyne, aka the Wasp, is “Parks and Recreation” actress Rashida Jones.

This rumor comes courtesy of Superheromovienews, who quotes unnamed sources as saying that the actress, known primarily for her comedic TV shows (she was also on the American version of “The Office”) and movies is on the studio’s shortlist.

The Wasp Comic BookThe site’s source also tells them that although Janet Van Dyne will show up in Wright’s “Ant-Man”, she won’t become the Wasp just yet. Instead, she’ll play the hero, scientist Hank Pym’s “love interest and a major supporting character, [although] we would see multiple references to her future as The Wasp throughout the film.”

As you’ll recall, Joss Whedon initially planned on including Van Dyne’s Wasp character in his “The Avengers”, but had to cut her out because the movie had too many superheroes already. So Marvel is definitely interested in adding her into the fold sooner or later.

Jones’ rumored frontrunner status would seem to bode well for Paul Rudd, since Rudd and Jones have starred together in two comedies, “I Love You Man” and “Our Idiot Brother”. And if Jones would to land the role, she’d be joining fellow “Parks and Recreation” actor Chris Pratt in the Marvel fold. Pratt is currently the star of James Gunn’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

Given Wright’s comedy background, and his, we’re told, comedy-skewing approach to “Ant-Man”, it would make perfect sense for him to cast both Rudd and Jones.

Rashida Jones and Paul Rudd in I Love You, Man (2009) Movie Image

Look, they’re already in bed!