Ratner is a ‘Playboy’

Hef1(Article by Tom G.) Auteur filmmaker Brett Ratner has been signed up to direct the biography of entrepreneur, Hugh Hefner. Hefner most famous for playing the President in Toxic Avenger IV is not only a brilliant actor but also the founder of a popular magazine for men.

The wonderfully titled ‘Playboy’ will follow the ups and downs of one of the most iconic figures in American pop culture. The idea to turn Hefner’s life into a film has been bouncing around for some time now, with Scott Silver wanting to turn it into a musical and Oliver Stone also desiring the directors chair, so that he could release five different cuts. But Variety are reporting that Hefner finally approved Ratner’s pitch, with a script written by John Hoffman.

I can only speculate that Hefner was impressed with the love and care that Ratner exhibited with his take on the X-Men franchise, and thought he would get the same treatment on this biopic.

Granted Hefner pioneered a fine publication, but I really can’t see this film being all that entertaining, unless they turn it into a delightful sex-romp. Though if Ratner does address why Hefner insists on wearing that ridiculous robe all the time, then I will consider this movie to be a success.


So who do you reckon should play the lead? My money is on Vinnie Jones!