Ratner Wants Robert Pattinson for Youngblood’s Shaft

My original headlines for this article was something along the lines of, “Brett Ratner Wants to Handle Robert Pattinson’s Shaft”, or the alternative, “Robert Pattinson to Show off his Shaft”, but they just sounded, well, so wrong. So what’s the story? Well, when talking with MTV about his gestating “Youngblood” movie (it’s still in the scripting stages) based on the Image Comics comic book by Rob Leifeld, Ratner mentioned that Pattinson, star of the “Twilight” movies, would be perfect for the lead in his film. Pattinson, of course, would play Shaft, the movie’s superhero team’s leader.

Says Ratner:

“Definitely [Robert Pattinson] from ‘Twilight’ He just feels like he belongs in that world. I don’t only see him as a vampire, he’s a really good actor. [Pattinson] could do anything. He just has that look. I picture him on Youngblood, for sure.”

Of course, that’s if Pattinson can even get enough time to do another movie not called “Twilight”. Doesn’t he have 20 of these flicks lined up? Okay, maybe not 20, but that “Twilight” schedule is looking pretty rough for a kid in his ’20s.

In any case, MTV goes on to say that the “Youngblood” comic book indulged in “[commentaries] on politics, government and the nature of celebrity”, which goes to show you that whoever wrote that article never actually read the original comic books. It was penned and drawn by Rob Leifeld, for God’s sake; the closest it ever got to exploring “politics, government and the nature of celebrity” was a half-naked girl with big boobs and weird hair.

Youngblood Comic Book

So, er, Rob, what's this say about the nature of politics and government?