Raven Banner Entertainment Snags Distribution Rights to Astron-6’s Manborg

Have you seen “Father’s Day”? If not, you really should. Astron-6 are mad geniuses, and their homage to the exploitation genre is something to behold. So it should come as no surprise that yours truly is quite excited that Raven Banner Entertainment has picked up distribution rights to the filmmaking outfit’s upcoming sci-fi cheesefest “Manborg”. The film has a decidedly low-budget 80’s feel to it, which is precisely why people are going to eat this thing alive when it arrives on DVD and (hopefully) Blu-ray.

Here’s the official synopsis for the flick:

A soldier, brought back to life as a cyborg, fights alongside a band of adventurers against demon hordes in a dystopian future.

Here’s hoping that Raven Banner doesn’t take forever to unleash writer/director Steven Kostanski’s “Manborg” onto one widely-distributed format or another. If you’ve got a few spare moments this afternoon and you have an appetite for low-fi entertainment, spend some time with the latest trailer. It’s all sorts of nifty.

Manborg (2011) Movie PosterManborg (2011) Movie PosterManborg (2011) Movie PosterManborg (2011) Movie Poster

Via : Twitch